Why You Might Want to Downsize Your Home

For those of us who grew up dreaming of some day manifesting our accomplishments into a big, beautiful house, it’s hard to imagine why someone would want to downsize. What is the appeal of sacrificing spacious rooms and impressive grandeur just to struggle to shove all your belongings into a smaller home?

The decision to downsize brings with it many unexpected benefits that can increase something more important than just your bank account; your quality of life. If you can’t figure out why all your older friends are opting for less space—or are considering making the move yourself—then you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at some of the advantages to downsizing your home, and once you’re convinced, give Summit Moving & Storage a call to get started on making the process nice and easy!

Why You Might Want to Downsize Your Home

Save money!

Let’s start with the most obvious and appealing benefit of downsizing: the money you’ll save. A smaller home means a smaller mortgage and fewer household expenses to drag you down. Exchanging your large house for something a little cozier will ensure you end up with a nice profit from the sale. Not to mention the money you’ll save on utilities every month too.

Use the extra money you’ll have from downsizing to treat yourself to nicer furniture or that whirlpool bathtub you always wanted! Put it towards experiences and use it to travel or go out with your friends and family more often, without having to worry about saving enough for the gas bill.

Save for retirement or invest your profits and multiply them! Or if you’re saddled with debt—like most of us are—put the $500 a month you’re saving on your mortgage towards your student loans or car payment.

You’ll have more free time.

Having fewer household responsibilities frees up a good chunk of time to go along with that extra money. Downsizing your space will downsize the maintenance too. There’s less to clean and organize, and fewer interior and exterior features to worry about keeping in good shape.

You probably have a hobby or two you wish you could devote more time towards. When you have less to worry about and take care of in your home, you’ll have more time—and again, money—to do that. Always wanted to take a paint class? Sign yourself up because Sunday mornings are no longer dedicated to cleaning the kitchen. Passionate about crocheting? Spend the time you used to allocate for lawnmowing sitting on the porch working on a new sweater instead!

Conserving the time and energy it takes you to care for your home will enable you to focus on doing more of what you love—without neglecting household responsibilities.

Waste less energy and space.

Do you really need that extra room upstairs that’s been slowly piling up with your obsolete junk over the years? Do you even need the knick knacks gathering dust in there on the old desk you haven’t used since high school? Chances are the answer to both of those questions is no.

Make use of all your space when you have less of it to fill. Don’t waste your money paying for a three-bedroom house when all of your belongings fit in the bedroom and two hall closets. You’ll also find that you spend less frivolously when your space is smaller, because every inch is that much more valuable. Downsizing essentially eliminates the opportunity for you to be materialistic that excess rooms and storage offer.

If you’re worried about your carbon footprint, then downsizing is a great way to conserve energy and contribute to the environment. You’ll use less energy heating, cooling, and lighting a smaller space—and save on your gas and electric too.

Accumulate less clutter.

Without space for that extra end table in the living room, how are you going to pile up the junk mail you never open?! That’s right—you won’t. A smaller home gives you less room to make a mess. It will force you to be more conscious of how you organize and what you hold on to, making it easier to establish and maintain a system.

Moving from a big home to a small one also leaves you no choice but to finally go through the upstairs attic and your bedroom closet and make a trip to Goodwill. Look at downsizing as an opportunity to purge yourself of unused and unwanted belongings. Take advantage of this chance to focus on how what you have contributes to your life, not how well it fills up space.

Reduce your stress levels.

Downsizing your home and your belongings give you less to worry about. Decreasing household costs and maintenance—and adding in a little extra free time and spending money—is a great formula for increasing happiness. You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities and clutter of a large house.

Stop stressing about trying to remember where you put the extra set of sheets for the bed, because now everything is organized and easily accessible. You finally have a chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy the space you worked so hard to perfect.

Embrace the next chapter of your life by downsizing! Celebrate your children finally leaving the nest, or welcome retirement with open arms and smaller utility bills. Switch things up by transitioning from your worn-out suburban life to fast-paced city living!

Whatever you’re looking for, let a smaller home be your next big adventure! Reach out to us today to handle your moving and packing needs, so you can start reaping the benefits waiting for you in your smaller home as soon as possible!