What to Buy After Moving into Your New Home

Moving is an exciting part of life—starting a new chapter in a new space is a great time to reset your home, spice up your style, and invest in a few new furniture pieces or artwork. But, it’s important that you don’t over-buy before you have even started to pack!

So, although it may be difficult to not buy everything you want right away, here are some essentials that you may need for your new home, but should hold off on buying until after the move!

Hold off on bringing in new furniture

Chances are, some of your old stuff won’t work in your new space. Or, if you’ve either downsized or up-sized, you may need to rethink some of your larger pieces, like beds and sofas. But, it’s a mistake to buy everything right away, especially when it comes to big ticket items like new furniture.

Imagining Your Dream HouseInstead of placing the order before your move, it would actually be more beneficial to make do with what you have for a couple of weeks after your move!

We know, that’s just a ridiculous thing to ask of you, however, you can spend time in your new space and really think about the function you need in your new furniture.

It’s tempting to order a new sectional sofa the day after you move in, but once you fully unpack, you may determine that your living space isn’t big enough to house a sectional.

  • Give yourself a little bit of time to settle down before investing in furniture items.

Replenish your pantry staples

If you heeded our advice in previous posts, and emptied out your cupboards before the move, then you probably need to go shopping for staples.

  • Staples are items that you always have in your pantry, like pasta, canned goods, extra paper products, and bottled soda.

Don’t buy these items before the move: wait until afterwards.

Schedule time for a couple of big grocery shopping trips once you’re moved in. Trust us, you’re not going to want to move your collection of canned goods—and, it’ll be nice to pick out fresh items with a safe expiration date!

Purchase your plants

Green House PlantsCozy up your space with a few fresh plants for your interior!

You can purchase plants that help to purify the air, or low maintenance plants like cacti, if you don’t exactly have a green thumb. Buying plants before the move doesn’t make sense, since you won’t be sure which areas get the best sunlight, and where each plant will thrive until you’ve lived there for a little while—and again—why add on to the laundry list of things to move?

Buy tools & repair supplies

For those of you upgrading from an apartment with a live-in super to a standalone home, you’ll need to invest in a new tool kit after the move. You may need to be prepared to fix things like leaky faucets, loose door knobs, and creaky floorboards in your new space, which means you’ll need the tools to be able to do so.

Don’t go crazy at the hardware store but pick up a set of starter tools—or, consult an expert if you have a particular project in mind.

The Balance says to start with a couple of screw drivers, hammers, pliers, wrenches, tape measure and staple gun.

Change your locks & keys

Changing Your Locks and KeysOne great investment after a move is having the locks replaced in your home, especially if you’re renting a home or apartment from a landlord that has had a lot of tenants in the past few years.

It can be a little pricey, but it’s worth it if it’ll keep you and your property safe. Have a locksmith come out to your new place within the first few days of moving in—just remember that some leases require that you make your landlord a copy of the key.

Wait on adding any new lighting

You may find that you need some new lighting to brighten up certain areas of your new place—don’t buy lamps ahead of time but wait until you’ve lived in the space for a little while so that you can get a sense for where the light is really lacking.

Once you have an idea of what you need, head to the hardware store to pick up a couple of options.

Consider changing the light bulbs out in your space that came with the home, since they could be non-halogen light bulbs, or even too soft or too bright for your liking!

As we all know, moving is an investment—so it’s important to be careful and cautious when spending money in the first few months after a move. You don’t want to go crazy and spend all your money at Bed Bath & Beyond, but you will need to spend a bit: after all, you’ll need stuff to fill up your new space!

Keep these tips in mind, and stick to a plan and a budget, and your new house will feel like home in no time. When you’re ready for the big move, give Summit Moving & Storage a call at 604-626-0954 for a quote for your local or long-distance move!