What Not to Do When Staging Your Home for Sale

Everyone says that staging is an important component in selling your home quickly and for a good price—and it’s true!

House with an Open Front DoorBut there are also many ways that staging your home incorrectly can cause the selling process to take longer and result in a lower asking price…

Definitely not what we want!

However, if you know what not to do when staging your home for sale, you shouldn’t run into any problems enticing buyers to make an offer.

Here are some of the most common home staging don’ts to avoid!

Don’t push a specific theme

Many people are proud of their aesthetic and design choices and like to showcase it in their home. When it comes to staging however, it’s important to make it so that a larger majority of people will see their style working in a particular space.

For example, if your taste is really specific, like paisley patterns or pastel colors, think about tossing those bold design choices out the window for your open houses. Sometimes loud and overbearing design elements can keep buyers from imagining what this house could be like as their new home.

Stage your home as a blank canvas so that potential buyers can easily paint their own picture!

Buyers want to see modern spaces, with neutral colors like white and gray. Make sure you remember as you’re staging your home that you’re trying to appeal to the masses, not to a specific design style.

Keep furnishings simple and use textiles like rugs and blankets to give a cozier feel.

Moral of the story: avoid going crazy with a specific theme!

Don’t skimp on painting

Wall color is just about the easiest update for new buyers to make to their home once they’ve moved in, but if you ever watch home buying or real estate shows on television, you’ll notice that if a room has an obnoxious color, almost everyone who attends the open house must comment on it. The takeaway?

Even though a potential buyer could easily repaint your rooms, the color is sometimes too distracting and can actually make a space feel smaller than it is. Remember, stick with neutrals, and when in doubt, change everything back to white or beige.

Don’t forget to clean before every open house

So, you’ve spent a few bucks and a few weeks staging your home, but you forgot to vacuum, what’s the big deal?Modern Home Interior Dining Room

Well the big deal is that a staged home is worth nothing to potential buyers if it’s not clean!

Make sure to keep everything tidy and break out the mop before a showing. You want to make sure your home appears shiny and new—anything dingy and dirty will attract negative attention from prospective buyers.

Don’t forget about the flow of your home

It’s important to stage your home like you’d use it in everyday life, but it’s also important to maximize the flow of one room into another.

If you usually keep pocket doors closed to separate an office space from the rest of the living room, open them up. Closed doors will translate to closed-off spaces for potential buyers, and today’s buyers are looking for wide open spaces.

Even bathrooms should have open doors (unless someone is in there!) to make sure that buyers remember to peek inside during their tour. A closed door may cause a buyer to assume that the master suite is only a closet—make sure everything is as open and inviting as possible!

Don’t spend too much on furniture

Staging your home doesn’t mean that you need to rush to the furniture store and drop a few thousand bucks on newer, more modern pieces. For many people who have lived in their home for quite a few years, staging simply means clearing out excess items and making spaces livable and appealing to new audiences.

Simple Home Decor in Living RoomFor example, if you are a family of five and have three lounge chairs crammed into the living room with the sofa, consider reconfiguring the furniture so that the room doesn’t feel overstuffed with bulky furniture.

Less expensive changes, like fresher rugs, smaller coffee tables, and new door handles can go a long way. Be open to moving furniture around, and from one room to another; but don’t feel like you need to hire a professional staging company—although, that is indeed an option!

Don’t over-personalize

Part of the staging process is to de-personalize your home.

Many people think this just means removing family photos in favor of knick-knacks that appeal to the masses. This is true, but it also means taking the “lived-in look” out of your home!

Hide away the trash can in the kitchen, clear off the clutter on your desk so that you can see the entire surface, and make sure that all items are removed from spaces like counter tops, coffee tables, etc.

If you’re living in your home while you’re selling it, you can keep it in prime “staged” form—just make sure to clean up after yourself in addition to taking down the pictures of the grandkids from the mantle.

Once you’ve successfully staged your home, it’s bound to sell quickly and when you’re ready to move, Summit Moving & Storage is here to help! Give us a call at 604-626-0954 for more information on your local move in Victoria and receive a free quote today!