Summit Moving & Storage has their own secure storage facilities.

We do not use third party, mini-storage locations when storing your possessions – like many of our competitors do.

If you are getting ready to move, you are downsizing .or you have already moved and you cannot keep all of your items with you, we provide you with storage near Surrey to suit any belongings.

Our Surrey & Langley storage facilities will keep items of all types safe and protected until you need them again.

Summit Moving & Storage provides climate controlled storage facilities near you to make moving easier or give you extra space when you need it.

Secure storage in Surrey and Langley allows you to store any all of your belongings, big or small, and keep them safe until you are ready to take them back, move them or sell them.

When you are moving, organize storage in Surrey through Summit Moving & Storage, and you can quickly, easily and conveniently move your things.

Summit Moving & Storage does not use standardized storage sizes.

You do not pay for space you are not using and you do not have to squeeze all of your items into one small unit.

  • All storage units are rented and charged at a rate of 100 lbs per month.
  • Store 100 lbs per month at only $5.00, with a minimum requirement of $100 per month.

You can store almost anything, and the climate controlled facility will ensure your items do not become damp, moldy, melted or warped.

The secure storage also ensures no unwelcome guests will disturb your valuables.

The secure storage units serving Surrey and Langley are monitored by 24-hour surveillance and guarded by secure entry, keeping your valuables safe and secure at all times.

If you are moving overseas or across the country, taking all of your valuables with you can be difficult or even impossible.

vancouver crating and storageSummit Moving & Storage has the ideal solution allowing you to travel without selling or getting rid of your most valuable items.

Whether you need long-term storage or short-term storage to assist your move, Summit Moving and Storage can help.

To learn more about storage services through Summit Moving & Storage give us a call at 604-626-0954 or send us a message.