Seven Expert Home Staging Tips You Need to Know

Selling your home can be a complicated process; with the market favoring buyers in most neighborhoods, it’s important to properly prepare your house, giving it the best chance to sell quickly and for your full asking price. One important task that many seem to overlook when getting their house ready to list is home staging.

Here are some top home staging tips that will help you prepare your old place for success in the housing market!

Staging Your Home for Sale in LangleyIf you are thinking, “I can’t stage my home, it’s full of my stuff!” you’re actually mistaken! Home staging doesn’t just apply to empty homes, it applies to all homes hitting the market. Whether you’re selling a completely empty home, or living there while in the process of selling, staging is an important step in the process to ensure that your home sells quickly and for as much money as possible.


Step One: Declutter & depersonalize

Buyers should be able to picture themselves living in your home, which means it’s important to remove clutter and personal items that will cause distraction during a tour. Clear away your photographs and keep them in storage for the time being.

Pro tip: If you remove half of the items in your closets, it’ll give your home the appearance of having more storage space than it actually does, and everybody needs storage space.

Go through each room in your home and put away decorations that you don’t need, remove furniture from rooms that seem cramped, and tidy up all cabinets, closets, and storage spaces.

Step Two: Increase your home’s lighting

Good lighting can make the difference between an unimpressive kitchen, and the dream kitchen of a few potential buyers. Lighten things up by removing heavy draperies, cleaning your windows, and installing more light fixtures in each room. Swap out old bulbs for those with a higher wattage and remember to turn on all the lights before a showing.

Step Three: Get neutral

Use Neautral Colors in Home StagingIf you have loud paint in your bedrooms, living area or foyer, you might want to invest in re-painting. Most buyers are looking for a neutral pallet, so it’s important to neutralize things a bit. Cover darker colors with a cool gray, repaint trim in a stark white, and check out the ceilings: if they could benefit from another coat, then another coat might be worth it.

Paint is a simple and efficient way to update rooms in your home, like bathrooms and kitchens, that could stand a costly 21st century makeover, on a budget.

Step Four: Minor repairs & updates

As you declutter, clean and repaint your home, pay attention to anything that’s broken or loose, like light switches that don’t work, cabinet knobs that need to be tightened, and creaky doors or windows. Make the minor repairs that you’ve had on your to-do list for months: buyers won’t necessarily notice that you fixed the faulty handle on the microwave, but they most certainly will notice if they try to open it and the handle pops off!

Step Five: Boost curb appeal

Your home’s curb appeal will undoubtedly have a big impact in terms of how long it’ll stay on the market. It’s the first thing buyers see, after all, so if your yard needs a little love, make the time for it before your home is listed. Remove any weeds and unattractive shrubbery, mow the lawn, plant a few flowers by the front porch, and check on the siding. Whether it needs a power wash or a fresh coat of stain, investing the money here is worth it. Curb appeal is crucial in the selling process: according to Houzz, most people will drive by your house and decide on the spot if they’ll take a closer look or keep moving.

Tips for Selling Your Home in CanadaStep Six: Clean, clean, clean!

Once you declutter, schedule some professionals to come in for a deep clean. You’ll want to have your carpets shampooed and any tile flooring should be steamed. Pay attention to areas like baseboards and door knobs that are usually overlooked: if those areas appear grubby and dirty, your home will seem older and dirtier than it is to potential buyers.

Step Seven: Address awkwardly shaped rooms

If your home is empty, you may have a room that serves as the dining room, living room, and breakfast area simultaneously. An empty home is a clean slate, but sometimes buyers have a hard time envisioning how they’d live in the space. For rooms that are very large, or awkwardly shaped, it’s important to place some furniture to show buyers an option of what their set up could look like. Just make sure that every room has a purpose and a comfortable flow.

The key to selling your home is in the preparation: if you follow these steps, listen to feedback from your realtor and buyers, and are fair with your price and move out date, your home will sell in no time. Once you’re ready to pack up and move to your new place, Summit Moving & Storage is here to help! Call us at 604-626-0954 today to learn more about our professional moving services or receive a free quote!