How to Know It’s Time for a Bigger Office Space

Has business been booming lately? If you’ve spent the past few years of your life putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your company, then you may have been too busy to notice how much its grown! One day you may look up and start to feel claustrophobic— and realize you can reach out and touch your employees without getting up from your desk.

Successful businesses tend to outgrow their humble beginnings and suddenly realize that the office isn’t quite as expansive as it once was. If you’re starting to think you may be one of those businesses, then you probably are!

Just to be sure, take a look at a couple of the major signs that it’s time for an office upgrade so you can start expanding your business sooner rather than later!

How to Know It’s Time for a Bigger Office Space

There’s nowhere to meet.

Struggling to accommodate your entire workforce for those monthly company update meetings? Does the one door in the office labeled “conference room” swing open to a room full of boxes and extra desk chairs stacked up to the ceiling? Then it’s probably time for a building with a few extra designated meeting areas.

Meeting areas and conference rooms being used to house excess filing boxes or by employees to spread out because they don’t have enough space to work on their projects, is a telltale sign that it’s time to expand. Lack of meeting space can delay important consultations, push back project deadlines, and lower overall productivity throughout the office. If you can’t meet with the marketing team to brainstorm ideas for your next campaign, how do you expect to design and implement it on schedule?

Are you scheduling interviews at Starbucks and taking clients for dinner meetings because there’s no room in the office to sit down and discuss important business matters? This can be very distracting and signal to potential customers and business associates that your company is unprofessional. Not to mention that the busy steakhouse downtown isn’t the most secure place to review the current state of your company’s financial affairs.

If you find yourself taking important conferences and company meetings offsite to public areas or additional rented space, you know it’s time to take your facility to the next level.

Storage is overflowing.

Tripping over boxes and using your whole body to shove stuffed file cabinets closed is a clear indication that your office is no longer satisfying your company’s needs. Insufficient storage space is more than just a safety hazard for employees trying to maneuver around a flood of miscellaneous office supplies, it’s also a serious impediment to productivity.

Closets and cabinets that are too full are nearly impossible to organize. This may not initially seem like a crucial issue to the success of your business, but it becomes one when you have to put a client on hold for ten minutes just to search through a chaotic sea of paper for their company’s contract. This leaves you having to explain to a frustrated customer why you just wasted one third of their scheduled half-an-hour phone call. It makes you look unprepared and the client feel that you don’t care about their business.

Being unable to quickly scan your excess inventory for a product a customer is looking for or locate important documents translates to poor customer service. Eventually this will probably cost your business not only one unsatisfied client, but other clients they may have sent your way in the future. A larger space will prevent this detrimental oversight by allowing you to organize your resources for quick and easy access.

Your employees are cramped.

Nobody wants to work in an office cluttered with supplies or where you’re touching elbows with your neighbor. A crowded, messy office makes for poor company culture. If your employees have to share desks and offices and constantly work on top of one another, then you’re going to end up with a stressed, disgruntled staff and significantly less output.

A high turnover rate may signal that your company’s work environment is uncomfortable and taxing, or in other words—people don’t want to work there. A loud and congested office space can also be incredibly distracting and inhibit your employee’s focus. You may also notice more irrelevant conversation taking place when everyone is in close quarters, which is another hindrance to productivity and customer service.

If the break room is always full and you find yourself having to get to the office ten minutes early just to find a parking space, it’s time for a change in scope and scenery.

You can afford it.

Take a look at a couple of local commercial listings—are more of them in your price range than you expected? That probably means your business is doing well enough that it’s time to take it to the next level! Even if you’re not rolling in dough, if your revenue is growing then chances are your office needs to do the same. Just double check you’re staying within your budget.

We’ve already mentioned a few of the ways a small and unaccommodating office space may inhibit productivity, so it only makes sense that a larger space will foster a more profitable and less stressful environment. This will help your business continue to expand and retain quality employees with a more relaxed and fruitful atmosphere.

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