How to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Increasing your Home's ValueEvery seller wants to know: how can I make sure to get the biggest offer possible when I put my home on the market?

It doesn’t all have to be expensive remodels and marble fixtures; actually, if you spend a little extra time getting your home ready before listing it, you’ll increase the value of your home and as a result, increase the price of your humble abode.

Read on to learn the best ways to boost your home’s resale value!

Open the space up

Buyers today want big, open floor plans—but if your home wasn’t brand new when you bought it, chances are you have a closed off dining room or a pony wall separating the kitchen from the living space. If you can spare the money, knock out some of those non-structural walls to open up the space, and create a larger living, dining, or kitchen area that all buyers are looking for these days.

Not everyone can spend the money to knock down walls, and it can get a little expensive if you’re looking at removing walls that are load-bearing. But, there are other things you can do to make your home feel more open.

For starters, declutter.

You’re going to need to pack up your stuff for the move, anyway, so you might as well get a jump start on it! Clear out closets on the first floor, toss, sell or store furniture that you don’t need until after the move, and just give your home a general deep clean. Having less stuff in your space will effectively make it look bigger.

Give your curb appeal a facelift

Enhance Your Curb Appeal to Increase Home ValueIt’s a little bit illogical, but most buyers will judge your home based on what it looks like from the street. Even if your home’s interior is in pristine condition and just had all new appliances installed, most buyers will remember the peeling paint and unkempt landscaping as they first roll up.

Luckily, reinvigorating your curb appeal doesn’t take much on your part, but it does wonders for your home’s value.

Clean up the space and remove any dead plants and trees. Plant a flower bed or two to give it a pop of color, and either power wash or re-paint the exterior of your home. Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door to make a good first impression!

Don’t forget things like the mailbox, fence around back, and even the driveway: cracked pavement will make buyers think that you’ve neglected to take care of the house, even if that’s not true!

Brighten up your home

The best time to show your home is on a bright, sunny day—but you can’t always count on the weather. So, to give your home a warm, welcoming feel, make sure it’s well lit.

Get rid of heavy, dark window shades that block natural light, and swap out any fluorescent light bulbs that you may have with incandescent ones. Add a few floor lamps and table lamps to brighten up common spaces, and even add lights in the closets to shed some light on the available storage space.

You can also lighten up your home by updating the paint color to a fresher, lighter white or gray. Although many homeowners opt to leave their paint, not all home buyers will appreciate your dark purple guest bathroom. Just keep in mind that darker paints can easily make a room seem less bright and stuffy.

The honey-do list

Make Minor Repairs to Increae your Home's ValueIf you have a running list of little repairs you need to make around the house, like faulty door knobs or loose light switch panels, don’t put them off any longer. Those items, while they may not bother you, can stand out to buyers and make them think that the space has been neglected.

Go through your to-do list and get everything fixed and in top working order before you have buyers walk through—that way, you won’t have to answer questions like, why is the downstairs toilet running all the time? Or, is this light bulb out? Don’t forget to re-do the bathroom grout, freshen up the toilet with a new seat from the hardware store, fix broken tiles, and tend to squeaky floors and stairs.

Follow these tips and the expert advice of your real estate agent, and your home’s value will skyrocket, making it a must-see on the market! For more moving, packing or selling tips, check out our blog and once you’ve successfully sell your home and are ready to make the trek to your new place, call on Summit Moving & Storage. Whether local, or long distance, there is no move our team can’t handle. Give us a call at 604-626-0954 today to learn more about our professional moving services in Fraser Valley!