Professional Whole Home Packing & Crating in Fraser Valley

When you are moving into a new home, across town, across the country or around the world, you want your valuables to arrive safely. Hire reliable local mover and packing professionals from Summit.

Packing your items is the largest and, often, the most difficult part of moving.

You need your items to be packed correctly so they do not get broken during the journey, and you need to pack your items so you can easily find everything you need when you arrive at your new home.

To make your move successful, to reduce frustration, and to save you time, you need a moving company that will not just move your belongings, but help you carefully and thoughtfully pack your items.

Summit Moving & Storage is your best choice for a home packing company in Langley.


To make sure your valuables are properly protected, we wrap, pack and box every item accordingly, from clothing, collectibles, dishes and glasses to furniture, electronics and more.

We use specialized packing materials to provide insulation and protection for all items, ensuring furniture and electronics do not get damaged from any impacts or shifts, clothing and bedding won’t get wet if exposed to rainy weather, and glassware won’t crack or break.

Summit Moving and Packing has over 40 years of experience in packing and shipping, and we pack your items in the most intuitive way possible.
Label Your Boxes When Packing for a New House

Many homeowners that pack their valuables themselves eventually lose patience and pack all of their items into a few boxes, making it difficult to find essentials and making it difficult to sort items by room or by need.

All of your boxes will be carefully boxed or crated and labeled so you know where everything is. Make your move easy and painless.

If you’re preparing for a move in the Langley, BC, area and need help packing all of your belongings, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.