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Packing Your Closet for a Move

The moving process can be a bit of a headache when it comes to packing up and transporting all of your belongings. The most efficient way to pack one room or section of your home might not be the best way to for another. Your dishes, for example, will probably require a little more preparation… Read more »

Moving Mistakes: 5 Ways You’re Packing Completely Wrong

woman stressed packing for a move

You sold the house, found your new space, and are getting ready for your move! But before you can actually make the move, you need to pack… And many tend to have some preconceived notions about packing. It’s all common sense after all, isn’t it? Well, not quite. For veteran movers and newbies alike, there… Read more »

Moving Tips: Where to Start in the Packing Process

Packing for a Move

So, you have a new place picked out and your move is scheduled. Now, it’s time to tackle the packing process. But where do you start? You know that somehow, in some way, you will pack the entirety of your house. But many find diving in to be the most difficult part. However, with a… Read more »

How to Successfully Unpack After Your Move

Have an Unpacking Plan for Your Move

Packing up for a move is no joke, but unpacking can be just as much of a headache. If you’ve just moved into your new place and you’re staring at a mountain of boxes that need to be unpacked, hold off on panicking just yet. Here are some tips that will help you successfully unpack… Read more »

How to Declutter Your Home Before a Move

Packing up all of your worldly possessions in preparation for a move can be a daunting task. However, one of the benefits of moving is that you get to take serious inventory of all of the items that you’ve accumulated over the years in your current home. Moving is a great time to declutter and… Read more »

Packing Your Kitchen for a Move

Packing up your home to prepare for a move is a lot to take on, and if you’ve only moved a couple of times in your life, then you may not have a method in place for packing the madness. When it comes to frequently used rooms in your home, like the kitchen, it’s important… Read more »